Monday, September 3, 2007

Melanoma: Gene Signature Spells Poor Outcome

Sorry I have not been more vigilant in my postings,I have too many projects including school in the wings. I promise to pay more attention to fighting Melanomas! One would think by now science would have an answer to all our questions and problems regarding Melanomas, but alas they do not. Please refer to this recently published article regarding melanomas. Don't forget to use the sunscreen lotion ans wear your wide brimmed hate s proudly! Check out this article: Melanoma Gene Signature Spells Poor Outcome.


Danielle said...


This is an interesting and important post.

Speaking of genetics and genes related to melanoma --

Dr. Sancy Leachman of the Tom C. Mathews Jr. Familial Melanoma Research Clinic at Huntsman Cancer Institute here in Utah, has been working diligently on the study of a gene known as the p16. This gene mutuation is found in some individuals with malignant melanoma and they are research to what extent this gene mutuation plays a role in malignant melanoma. 90%+ of melanomas are caused by over-exposure to ultraviolet radiation, but Huntsman hopes to learn, through researching the p16, how to effectively treat and cure malignant melanomas.

For more information, contact Dr. Leachman at the TCMFMRC at Huntsman Cancer Institute! It's fascinating stuff!

Thanks for all you're doing to fight melanoma, Chris, and good luck with school.

Your SunSavvy Geek Friend,

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Chris said...

Hey Danielle,

Thanks for the information on Dr. Leachman's work. I will also go to the Blue Lizard site to get their suntan lotion. Send the free sample to someone else who really needs it but cannot get it otherwise. I have another year of scool, and then I will be a more vigilant Cancer Crusader, but I will do the best I can until then!

Signing out,
Another SunSavvy Geek friend,